Hey, sister friend! Thank you SO much for taking a leadership role with your friends, church, or community, and for trusting us to teach this Chosen message to your group! We are truly honored for this opportunity and so excited to see what God does through you and with your group! We would LOVE for you to reach out to us with any questions or ideas, or just to let us know that you are doing this study! We would love to pray for you and personally thank you!

This version of the study is curated with you in mind and how you will lead your group. Below in the Behind the Scenes section, you will see many forms that this study can take when it comes to timeline and structure. We have designed it with flexibility for you and your group because we truly do pray for maximum results on a personal level with each individual going through this study! Also, we have made your leaders guide completely identical to the study so it is easy for you to reference and follow along, however, you will see helpful tidbits along the way in the margins to better help with explanation, flow, and organization of your sessions. Please use these, as we have worked and prayed over these directions to better serve your group!

This study will always be free on our site and app, but you can buy physical copies on our site, as well. You can also purchase “The Chosen Box” for the ultimate Bible Study experience with merchandise, recipes, physical copies of the study, and more on our site! Every single physical copy sold will also result in a copy being mailed by us to a woman in need! Praise God!

Again, we love you, we are praying for you, and we cannot wait to see God transform the sweet souls in your group to be more like HIM and ultimately realize they are Chosen by God!


Your sisters in Christ,

Sarah and Liz