Tell me bout it: STRESS

Its another great week ladies which means another tell me bout it topic just for you! This week we are covering STRESS! We all deal with stress, but the amazingly weird thing is that we all face it for different reasons and in different ways. Let's get down to the root of this issue so we can RID of the issue.

(Jesus didn't die for you so you would remain stressed!)

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First, to first deal with stress, we must IDENTIFY the stress...take some time to reflect and find the root of your issue! 

Stress is either from OURSELVES:

  • Have you done something to cause the situation you're in?
  • Have you procrastinated?
  • Are you ill-prepared?
  • Are you fully trusting God?
  • Are you praying about your situation? 

Stress can come from OTHERS:

  • Who do you surround yourself with?
  • Are you involving yourself in unnecessary drama?
  • Are you waiting on an answer that depends on someone else?

Stress can come from the ENEMY:

  • Are you flirting with temptation?
  • Are you ignoring God and giving into your own desires?

We are all different! What stresses you out might not stress you friend or sister out. We all have those things that "get to us" and Satan definitely knows how to push our buttons with being overwhelmed, but our Savior, Jesus, says His yoke is easy and His burden is LIGHT! 

Lets talk SOLUTIONS!

With stress, are you responding or reacting?

Responding: react quickly or positively to a stimulus or treatment.

Reacting: 1) respond or behave in a particular way in response to something. 2) respond with hostility, opposition, or a contrary course of action to.

As Christians, we need to always choose to respond. When we respond, we move towards a solution. When we react, we let the situation have control of our emotions! Who has the control in your life? The situation, or you? or God?


Do you see challenges in your life as threat or as an OPPORTUNITY!?


A perfect example of overcoming a stressful situation is the story of Ruth! If you have never read Ruth, take some time this week to let that story soak over you! Its only 4 chapters in the Old Testament, so what a great way to spend your quiet time this week! 

Lessons we can learn from Ruth: 

  • Obedience always trumps feelings
  • Choosing what is right is always worth more than choosing what is easy!
  • Stress always has an option to choose: will you control the situation or will you let it control you?
  • Bad circumstances always come with an opportunity for victory.
  • God blessed her response! 
  • Humble yourself, work hard, and your redeemer will come and turn your stress into a story!

So...When you are stressed:

  1. Take a moment to respond, not react!
  2. Be obedient in what God has called you to!
  3. Your redeemer is coming, you're never too late or too far gone! Just stay humble! :) 








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