Tell me bout it: RELATIONSHIPS pt. 3: CAR CONVO

Happy Tuesday, Chosen Girls!

First, we just want to say that you. have. WORTH! God has chosen you for more and your true worth and value lies in HIM! NEVER forget this truth! 

You are worth waiting for. You are worth fighting for. You are worth dying for. Even God Himself thinks so! 


We are finally launching the highly anticipated relationship episode from a GUY'S perspective! Welcome to the front of the camera, my husband, Hunter! 

In this episode, we speak from our personal experiences with being single, dating, engaged, and now semi-newlyweds!

No matter what season you are in with relationships, we want you to know that the most important thing is to know WHO you are in Christ and what you are worth to Him! When our identity and true worth lies in HIM, everything else falls into place. When our focus is on JESUS and His plan for our life, everything else will fall into place, because we are linking up with the true author of our story! 

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Relationship advice from Hunter and Sarah:

  • A successful relationship is founded on GOD! Everything else in a relationship builds upon that solid foundation. 
  • Have a relationship with GOD before anyone else!
  • Wait on HIS timing if you want His plan. Its a package deal!
  • PRAY with your partner!
  • Set boundaries and be on the same page with your boundaries! Boundaries are not a game and should be communicated and agreed upon! This can truly save a relationship and prevent regret.
  • You attract who you are! What are you putting out there? 
  • KNOW YOUR WORTH, and know who you are in CHRIST. This should come first before a serious relationship! 
  • Don't settle for anything less than God's best for you. Will you choose your plan or His?
  • When you know who you are and you know your worth, it changes how you let people treat you!
  • Relationships take WORK! Your needs are #1, you have to take a heart of a servant and love them the way that feeds their soul.
  • Relationships need to be INTENTIONAL, no matter the stage you're in! Dating is a pre-requisite to marriage. Marriage take intentionality. If you aren't living on purpose, you aren't going to live in your purpose!



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