Tell me bout it: RELATIONSHIPS pt. 1

Hey, soul sisters (and some brothers...we love you, too!)


This week we are THRILLED to bring you one of our top voted on topics...relationships! We have brought in the experts (our Mommas!) just for you to cover anyone from single to married! 


There is so much wisdom shared around our kitchen table in these segments that we have had to divide it into TWO parts! You asked us questions, and we prayed and did our best to answer! This first segment focuses more on the beginnings of dating and how to prepare and react if you are in a season of waiting. 


In this first segment, we dive into the importance of the Holy Spirit as it pertains to relationships, but if we really think about what it means to live "CHOSEN," we should be seeking God's will and listening to the sweet whispers of His Holy Spirit in ALL areas! Its ALL about HIS will! Don't you dare settle for less, sister! 


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Here's some high points you DON'T want to miss or forget:

  • Trust the Holy Spirit! The way you get to know that voice is to spend time with God and His Word!
  • Don't mistake God's will for your OWN feelings! 
  • GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER, rather than each other's BODY (LOL). 
  • God will bring you the BEST plan in the BEST season! "God is trying to spice up yo life!"
  • Don't be blinded by "being in LOVE with LOVE."
  • If you are looking for someone to fill the void other than will never work! 
  • WORK ON YOURSELF FIRST! If your foundation is strong in the LORD, then you are set up for success.
  • You can't fix someone else, but you can fix yourself!  


  • If you are single or dating, MAKE A LIST! These are character traits that are NON-NEGOTIABLE! These things cannot be justified. Our #1 is a man running after GOD! Making a list is NOT being judgmental. It is a wise way to keep your focus on what matters. You will not find someone who agrees with you on everything, but there are important things that a couple needs to agree on to truly thrive and last. 





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Mary Sanders

Mary Sanders

I praise God for you young f ladies and love you.

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