Tell me bout it: FOMO and Your BEST

Hey hey, sweet friends! Welcome to another week of TELL ME BOUT IT! If you're new to Chosen Girl, "tell me bout it" is where we dive into God's word and wisdom for guidance on everyday struggles we all face. We've covered so many real topics with truly real talks on topics like dating, fear, anxiety, waiting, and more. 

Do you ever say "yes" to not let others down? Are you spread too thin due to overcommitment? Does your skin crawl when you don't have a hand in every little thing around you? 

We got you sis. 

 This week we are diving into an issue we all face...saying "yes" all too often and a major contributing factor, "FOMO" (fear of missing out). Yes, its time to have this conversation! When is "yes" the right thing to say? When is it wrong or unhealthy? And most importantly, what does the Word say? Face it, sister, you've spread yourself too thin on the wrong "yes'." We know because we have lived it, and are still living it... who's ready to OVERCOME?!?

Its time to redirect our FOMO from other's expectations to God's plan. I don't wanna miss out on what He has for me, y'all. 

Disclaimer: This talk isn't a "never say yes" talk...its a "seek God in ALL" talk! YES, God has assignments for you to say "yes" to! NO, not all assignments are for you! This is a priority talk, sisters. A choice talk...and we are preaching to ourselves more than anything! 

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How do you know if you have a problem with saying "yes?"

  • You say "yes" when you want to say "no" because of other's thoughts or opinions.
  • You care more about other's opinions more than what God is calling to or even your own mental health or well being.
  • You say "yes" because you are afraid of seeming "left out" to others or society (example: not being included in event photos on social media).

How do you know which "yes" is the right "yes?"

  • The right "yes" is a responsibility you've already committed to: as big as a task of parenting or something as small as keeping a commitment to a friend. 
  • The right "yes" always aligns with God's word! God isn't going to use sin or Satan to get His agenda across. God doesn't call people to say "yes" to things that go against His word. 
  • Ultimately...The Holy Spirit! It is a guide for wisdom and direction. Trust it and get to know our Father's voice and call on our hearts! He will lead you to the right "yes" and "no."

How do I transition out of saying unhealthy "yes'" and into a lifestyle of following God's best yes for my life?

  1. Pause and think before you reply to that message or open your mouth! We live in a culture that demands an instant answer that is NOT required. Sleep on it, but most importantly, pray on it! 
  2. Remember that "no" is a complete sentence! Not everything needs an excuse or explanation. If you know in your heart that the answer to a commitment or pastime is "no," gracefully say so. Always think of the cost of your yes!
  3. REMINDERS! Fight your willpower with both defense and offense. Instagram taking up 2 hours of screen time a day? Delete the app off your phone for a day (or week!). Set screen time alerts on your phone. Remove the distraction and add goals, scriptures, and reminders in sight to keep you laser focused on the life you want.
  4. Again, the Holy Spirit! We cannot stress this enough. He will help you be wise in your decisions and help you remove toxic "yes'" and feelings of the wrong kind of FOMO from your life. 

Here's some high points you DON'T want to miss or forget:

  • Colossians 3:23
  • If we are giving into everyone else but God, then that's when everything else becomes an idol. 
  • Are you spreading yourself too thin to please someone else?
  • The 2 most important words in the English language are "yes" and "no."
  • How we spend time is like currency. What is how you're spending your time worth to you? We are only given 168 hours in a week. How are we budgeting our time? Once its spent, you can't get it back!
  • Don't justify what God is calling you to! What is more important...His way or yours?
  • There's ALWAYS a tradeoff with how we spend our time. No prayer, no peace. No Bible, no wisdom. How are you spending your soul?
  • "Yes" may be "less" sometimes, but trust that God is always positioning you for MORE with your "yes" for HIM. 
  • Don't mistake God saying "wait" for God saying "no." The "wait" command from God is always for your good. 
  • God will not tell you to wait unless the wait is worth it. God will not tell you to stop or say no unless He is protecting you. Trust Him. 
  • When you know who you are in CHRIST, decisions come SO much easier. The Holy Spirit is here to HELP you!


Do you truly believe that God has the BEST yes and intentions for your life? 


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