Tell me 'bout it: DAILY PURSUIT feat. Elle Cardel

Welcome to Episode THREE! 

Each Tuesday we will launch a video blog, podcast, study notes, and more on a topic either voted on by YOU (check us out @chosengirlmovement) or something we feel God has placed on our hearts!  

We are here to find biblical insight from God's Word on everyday struggles and concerns, then dive in and spread the insight to YOU!  

For Episode 3, we have a very special guest, Elle Cardel, founder of Daughter of Delight, giving us wisdom and advice on our daily walk with God! 

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Show notes, scripture references, and journaling questions below! 

Meet Elle! Elle is the founder of Daughter of Delight and close friends to us here at Chosen Girl! Make sure to follow her (@daughterofdelight) and check out her amazing ministry! 

"What are your God-sized dreams? What are you waiting for?!"

Daily Pursuit Thoughts: 

  • Is God your priority?
  • We may only go to God when we “need” Him, but we NEED Him- Every. Single. Day!
  • Satan would have us believe that we are too busy.
  • If you are too busy for time with God, then you’re too busy!
  • He wants your heart! He wants your attention! He knows it will change you!
  • We exist for God and God alone. We don't exist for ourselves, our work, etc.
  • There's so much fruit that comes from including God in your day!  (see fruit that comes from Him here).
  • Its a LIFESTYLE. It's how you live. Its not just a five minute devo.
  • Time with God isnt a check on your “to-do” list. He wants to walk with you step by step through your whole day!
  • Watch your life change when you’re in the Word!
  • The NUMBER ONE source of truth is the Word! Its first priority...non negotiable.
  • If you want to be changed by the truth, you have to dive into the truth!
  • He JUST wants you! He will meet you where you are...just meet HIM.


Where do we even start with reading the bible?

  • Start small: five minutes is better than zero! :)
  • Try reading one Psalm or Proverb a day!
  • Set realistic expectations and don't overthink it!
  • Listen to the Bible be read to you! YouVersion App is FREE!
  • Our ultimate example is JESUS! We are to be like Him! Read on His life! Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
  • Get a version of the Bible that you can understand.
  • Read it as a STORY! It is the greatest true love story for you!
  • Just one chapter can be filled with SO much! Start with just one!
  • Find a Bible, devo, or Commentary to read alongside scripture!
  • Follow along in scripture to your favorite Christian podcast or sermon! (tons of our favorites found here)
  • Read side by side versions of the Bible!
  • Memorize one verse you need for a week! Speak it over yourself, girl!
  • Find a mentor or accountability partner to keep you going! Find a community!
  • Set prayer reminders on your phone!
  • God already knows your heart! You don't have to have elaborate prayers. He just wants a relationship with YOU!

Profound Statements:

  • Jesus was able to do what He did because of His complete devotion to His Creator! He is our example!
  • Imago Dei: made in the image of God
  • When we are truly committed to Christ, our joy is undeniable! Surround yourself with people like that so your fire can stay LIT!
  • God doesn't have a report card with your name on it...He just wants YOU!
  • GOD is your non-negotiable!
  • OPEN HANDS: receive what God has for you, and let go of what you don't need!
  • Instagram is not your Bible! Your Bible is your Bible, and you need to dive in! It will change you!
  • I want to give God more than an Instagram scripture scroll!
  • He has PROMISES and GOODNESS for us in His Word! We have to read about them to know about them!

Study and Reflection Questions/Challenges:

  1. What can you do this week to begin creating a lifestyle of walking with God? Make a plan, stick to it, and make sure its do-able! 
  2. What priorities need to shift in your life? Pray about this one! 
  3. 21 DAY CHALLENGE! With your God-lifestyle action plan in #1, do this for 21 days! It becomes a habit at that point..and a LIFESTYLE! (WARNING! It only takes 3 days to break a habit!)





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