Tell me bout it: COMPARISON

Happy Tuesday Chosen Fam! Its finally time to release a long-time awaited Chosen episode over something we ALL struggle with as women in culture...COMPARISON! 

YALL...this has to stop. Its stealing our Joy. Its stealing our Peace. Its stealing our Purpose. There's a reason for our season....and there's a reason its different than the girl next to us. Don't let their blessings steal yours! This week our Chosen Girl friend, Megan, fills us in on what God has laid on her heart about this heart-touching topic! 

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Comparison Defined: estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between.


Some Tidbits on Comparison: 

  • Comparison is a measurement but its not defined! We make the measurements ourselves. Its an imaginary standard!
  • Different doesn't mean "better" or even less or more adequate. Its all about your personal journey. 
  • The cycle never stops! There is always going to be something or someone to compare in every season!
  • Culture doesn't want you to be satisfied, but God has called you to be content. When is "it" ever going to be "enough."
  • The grass is greener where you water it. Focus on what God has done for you!
  • Comparison more often than not stalls progress rather than spurs it. Comparison is the opposite of motivation. 
  • There may not be a God-sized whole in our heart. Its like a vacuum. We will never be satisfied with anything except God, and that's daily! God is the only thing that will truly satisfy and make us complete!

Relate to the Bible: 

The story of Gideon- Judges 6

 His grace is sufficient! 

Solutions to Comparison: 

  1. Remember how God sees you! Know your identity in Christ FIRST. 
  2. BE GRATEFUL!  A grateful heart downs out comparison. 
  3. Remember its a lie from the enemy! Even the most beautiful person compares themselves and has insecurities. 
  4. Remember the desire for God's plan and His timing FIRST. Don't compare to someone else's timing and plan. If its God's plan, His timing is perfect, too! 
  5. Compare yourself to your future self instead of other people! Let comparison be a motivator to keep going in your walk! 
  6. If scrolling causes you to compare...STOP. Don't torture yourself! 




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