Season 6 Episode 1: IN A SLUMP
HEY CHOSEN GIRL FAM! Welcome back to the Podcast! We cannot believe we are in SEASON SIX and year 3 of doing Chosen Girl! We have SO loved and cherished this wild ride with you all, and thank you for including our walk and talk in your lives so we can all grow together in the Gospel.
Today we are catching up on life and talking about the low times, that are sometimes, even unexplainable. We all go through a "slump" season, or even seasonal depression. Join us as we go to the Word for encouragement and give our tips and favorite scripture to look to during these types of times we all face from time to time. (Of course, we always, always recommend the wise counsel of a professional if this resonates with you on an even deeper level, as we are not licensed counselors in any way.)
Some scriptures we include are: 
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