Season 5, Episode 9 HOLY SPIRIT

HEY HEY, Chosen Girl listeners and followers! We apologize for being a day late on getting this posted! Y'all know this is our "side hustle for the Lord," and y'all have always been so gracious with us in that. 

Today, we are covering a more serious topic that can ultimately change the way we live life: the Holy Spirit. 

What is Holy Spirit, or better yet, WHO? How and why does that matter to us? What does the Bible say about the Spirit of God? 

Today we dive into the WORD with these questions, plus talk about some of our personal experiences with God and His Spirit. 

Don't freak out, don't think we are weird (well, we really are), and keep you mind open. Our Faith takes just that: FAITH in the unseen. Join us as we break down what can be a super complex part of Faith something simple for us to grasp. 

Some scriptures we reference today include:

  • Genesis 1:2
  • Joel 2
  • Ezekiel 37
  • John 20
  • 1 Corinthians 12
  • Acts 2
  • Galatians 5
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