Season 5 Episode 12 HUSTLE CULTURE

HELLO fam! Do you ever feel guilty for not "doing," "being," or "achieving" enough? Us too. You may be feeling the effects of hustle culture


In this episode, we dive into dividing this new term, seeing where it may have originated from, and answering some important questions like: 

  • Do you think we are programmed to hustle?
  • Do we idolize hustle?
  • Why is busy popular?
  • What is success?
  • What is the difference between busy and hurried?
  • Can rest and hustle coexist?
  • What are the side effects?
  • How do you moderate the hustle?
  • Is hustle bad?

We hope this episode is as much of a refreshing "wake up call" for you as it has been for us. Its so important to bring to light the darkest parts of our hearts!

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