Season 4, Episode 9 Me Too, Sister with Madison Weeks

Happy TELL ME BOUT IT TUESDAY, chosen girl fam!


Today we are taking a break from our Truth>Toxicity mini series with a very special guest you are sure to love! We are GIDDY to introduce you to our friend Madison (Maddy) Wheat Weeks with blog Me Too, Sister. STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING NOW and follow her amazing page on IG!

Yall. When we say this content is truth-filled, Scripture-filled, honest to the core and admirably vulnerable...we mean it. This girl is being used by God in so many ways and her willingness to share is a true gift. 

Join us today for our real talk about her story, blog, openness, ministry, and relationship with Jesus. 

Find HER podcast wherever you listen, just search "Me Too Sister" or click here and her Instagram profile here

"Where brokenness meets Jesus. Where vulnerability leads to belonging + community.
You are not alone.
Come in & stay a while. 🤍
2 Corinthians 1:3-4" 


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