Season 4 Episode 7: HOLY WEEK

Chosen Fam, we are counting down to Easter with such a special week, HOLY WEEK! 


We are giddy to dive into celebrating what Jesus accomplished for us, looking at the events that we celebrate and honor this week through the eyes of a very special disciple, Mary Magdalene.

We are also looking at this from the perspective of our NEW collection and focus of study: Eden + Evergreen! (eeeek!:))

This collection (merch wise) will launch 4.3.21 at 7pm and it is a TWO part collection that embodies the fact that our Savior is CONSTANT in every season! 

Every desert has an eden oasis that sustains us.

Every forest has an evergreen that doesn't loose color in the cold.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)



Join us this week on this podcast as we discuss and celebrate this oh so true verse of scripture, and also in our story studies on our IG page, @chosengirlmovement! 


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