Season 4 Episode 2 Daphne Michelle on Obedience, Mental Health and Discernment!

Chosen fam! Another Tuesday, another podcast! We are GIDDY to have this chat with one of our dear personal friends and musician, Daphne Michelle.


Basically, in a nutshell with this chat, the Lord came through, and so did Daphne with her amazing testimony of obedience, miraculous HEALING, her mental health journey, and more. She straight up blessed us with the most PRACTICAL Godly advice. She literally is a wisdom shaker (think of that made up term like a "salt" shaker lol!).


We are so thankful she poured out her heart and experience with God to us in such a relatable and vulnerable way. Here's some of the amazing wisdom tid-bits from our talk: 

  • God will return what you missed/gave up! 
  • God's Word and faith in Him will never return void
  • Isaiah 1:19: Willing + Obedient
  • Get close to God! He will let you know His will!
  • Reflect on what is taking up space in your life and heart that is pulling you away from God.
  • Remove distractions in your life! 
  • What parts of myself need to be worked on?
  • We exist to please God!

And the TRUTH BOMB question she left us with:

Why would you want to do life without God?

You can find Daphne on Instagram @daphnemichellemusic

and you can find her music on Apple Music, Spotify, and more!

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