Season 4 Episode 10 Truth>Toxicity pt. 2

ITS TELL ME BOUT IT TUESDAY, fam! And today, we are continuing with our mini-series: truth>toxicity! We are READY to have a real talk with you all about toxicity in religion, and even the Church. 

First, for disclaimers:

  1. We LOVE the Church. We mean no disrespect! We BELIEVE in the Church and support it 100%! We are just navigating real pain and mess-ups that we as humans have committed within the body of Christ.
  2. We believe the best in people. We have hope. We love to approach this with the heart-posture that the hearts of people in ministry and faith are in the right place, but often times we get the method of sharing our faith, wrong. 
  3. The viewpoint here is through the lens of HUMILITY, and only humility. We cannot address how humanity in the church has messed up without confessing that WE have, or will, mess up in proclaiming the gospel, too.
  4. The answer to issues with humans is always, always, always JESUS. 

OKAY, now that those very important truths have been addressed, lets hop in to some very real questions that address where we as humans have slipped up with delivering the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus:

  1. What is the Church?
  2. What is our role?
  3. What is our role as a christian in a misunderstood religion?
  4. How do we respond to: 1) When friends/neighbors have been hurt by religion. 2) When we may be in a toxic situation ourselves.
  5. How do we know when something in Church/Religious culture is toxic?

Join us today and we have a real-talk type of chat about this very real questions and point to the ultimate truth that we cannot misplace the promises of God for the people of God. 

It is so important that we fix our gaze on things ABOVE us and not AROUND us. Jesus is our ONE perfect example for us, and because of Him, we can be made complete in our weaknesses and (praise, God) be seen as righteous in His eyes. Its ONLY because of Him! PRAISE!

We encourage you to join us in the studying of early letters written to the church (spoiler alert, we have always missed the mark in one way or another!). You can find these letters in the New Testament: 

  1. Romans
  2. Corinthians
  3. Galatians
  4. Ephesians
  5. Philippians
  6. Colossians
  7. Thessalonians
  8. Hebrews

That we can’t defend our entire Church reputation, but if we humble ourselves, it can start with us!

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