Season 3 Episode 9 FAMOUS FOR with Alexis S Butcher

Its TELL ME BOUT IT TUESDAY, again, fam! Today we have the second interview of Season three, and let us tell you, its a true TREAT! We cant WAIT to introduce you to our dear friend, Alexis Butcher! You will love her heart for God and for people. So much wisdom in this chat!

Alexis shares her heart with us on her songwriting journey, the waiting, and the harvest. Jesus never promises us the road will be easy, but we can SO trust Him. He is Faithful when we just say "yes." Even when we cannot see the final outcome, He does. We are so inspired by and proud of Alexis for her faithfulness and obedience and we know God is, too. 

Make sure you download her song "Famous For" from her own EP album anywhere you listen, or the version picked up by Tauren Wells and Jen Johnson (Yes, you read that correctly! God is GOOD!)

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