Season 3 Episode 16 ADVENT

HEY FAM! Its (almost) the MOST wonderful time of the year! No judgment AT ALL to our friends who have decorated early this year with the year that this has been! 

Today we are directing our hearts and attention toward ADVENT. Consider this Advent 101! We don't know it all, but what we do know we want to share with you! 

Advent basically is the countdown (you may remember the chocolates as a kid LOL) to Christmas: a time to prepare our hearts, minds, and souls for how Jesus came, and that He is coming again

Take the time to listen today to get you "kicked off" before Advent begins on November 29th, and make sure to stay tuned for our Advent Instagram story study. ALSO- find the Advent book that we are referring to for purchase, here. Thank you to the ladies at She Reads Truth for this amazing resource! 

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