SEASON 10 Episode 1: we are BACK with INS + OUTS OF 2024

CHOSEN GIRLY POPS!!!! We are (finally) BACK from a little MIA unannounced break...because in full was HAPPENING and we needed some time!


NONETHELESS- we are thrilled to be back with another year of podcasting and doing life with you all, starting with what is IN and what is OUT for the year ahead!


This season, you can expect consistent (I mean, thats what we plan on LOL) bi-weekly episodes on every other TUESDAY that range from special guests and Bible MORE hot takes and OG Liz and Sarah chats!


Find this episode wherever you listen to podcasts, and if you like this episode, please rate and subscribe! We would be so grateful! LOVE YOU GUYS, and see you back here for another interview episode next week!  

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