JAYDA RUST on your

HEY O, Chosen Girl fam! We are SO excited to introduce you to our dear friend, ray of sunshine, and today's guest on the pod, JAYDA RUST! Jayda became friends with Liz through a Nashville small group and we are so blessed by her joy, wisdom and insight. 

Aside for being a walking poster-child for the joy of the LORD, Jayda is a creative photographer, and shares her journey of including God in her passion, as well as the importance of having your "why." 

You can find Jayda on instagram (@jaydaiye) and her beautiful work (@iey.create) or visit her website here. We are so grateful for her word on today's episode and know you will feel the same! 

We are so thankful for Whitney and her word she brings us today, and know you will love her as much as we do! 
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