FOMO and Your Best Yes Part-3

How do I transition out of saying unhealthy "yes'" and into a lifestyle of following God's best yes for my life?

  • Pause and think before you reply to that message or open your mouth! We live in a culture that demands an instant answer that is NOT required. Sleep on it, but most importantly, pray on it! 
  • Remember that "no" is a complete sentence! Not everything needs an excuse or explanation. If you know in your heart that the answer to a commitment or pastime is "no," gracefully say so. Always think of the cost of your yes!
  • Draw close to Godly counsel that will help hold you accountable to always choosing God’s yes for your life.  

Sometimes going against the flow of the world can be tiresome and it is simply easier to say yes to anything God.  Stay on defense and offense by removing the distractions that hold you back. Set goals for yourself, be intentional about reading relevant scriptures and be committed to what the Lord is calling you to do.  Doing what what you are called is not always easy, but it is were the best blessing reside. We serve a heavenly father who wants the best for you, so why would you not want that too? 

Who can you turn to in your life that will hold you accountable for saying your best yes? 

What distraction, mindset, or lie keeps you from saying yes to God?