FOMO and Your Best Yes Part-2
  • The right "yes" is a responsibility you've already committed to: as big as a task of parenting or something as small as keeping a commitment to a friend. 
  • The right "yes" always aligns with God's word! God isn't going to use sin or Satan to get His agenda across. God doesn't call people to say "yes" to things that go against His word. 
  • Ultimately...The Holy Spirit! It is a guide for wisdom and direction. Trust it and get to know our Father's voice and call on our hearts! He will lead you to the right "yes" and "no."

Knowing which yes is the right yes can be hard.  One of the best ways to know to know which yest is the right yes is to recognize which yes you have to defend. The right yes will not need to be defended.  It is up to you to seek guidance from the Holy Spirit and be willing to open your ears to what you’re being called to do. When you are putting your full trust in the Lord, you will never choose the wrong yes.  

Have you ever doubted God’s yes because of doubt in yourself? 

How can you improve your relationship with God so that His yes will always be clear?