Chosen Girl Blog: Lilli Dillard on Waiting for Relationship

Helloooo everybody! Lilli here:)

I’ve written for the Chosen Girl blog once before, but if you aren’t familiar with me, I’m Sarah’s little sister! I am sixteen years old, and I am a Junior at Gordonsville High School. I’ve loved watching Chosen Girl grow into what it is today, and i’m so so thankful to be writing a post for this blog:) The platform that Sarah and Liz are utilizing gives me so much hope as a Christian high schooler navigating the hardships of life.

As a 16 year old, pretty much every girl (and sometimes boy’s) worlds are centered around one thing- a romantic relationship. This has been true in my own life, unfortunately lol.
As i’ve gone through high school, thoughts like this run through my mind.

“Why don’t they choose me?”
“Maybe I just need to be prettier/skinnier and everyone will like me.”
“What do they have that I don’t?”
“Is something wrong with me?”

These are some of the thoughts that have been in my head the past couple of years. But the more I have grown in my walk with God, it’s gotten easier to see just how much God has protected me from, and how these are lies from Satan.

A season of singleness is not “I’m waiting for a boyfriend” but it’s more of a “I am content in my life whether or not God chooses to place someone in it.” Training your mind to think this way is no walk in the park. The world and the people around us tend to give off the message that life is better with a mate. Now do NOT get me wrong, it is biblical to have a spouse.

Genesis 2:18 says,
Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”

I want to focus on the word helper in this passage. Our significant other needs to be someone who HELPS us. Not in fleshly ways, but in spiritual ways. If it is in God’s will for your life to have a significant other, it’s definitely going to be someone who helps you grow in your walk with the Lord.

If the person you are with only brings out the insecurities in you, or brings out the bad parts of you when they’re around, they aren’t being a “help-mate” as God intended. They are doing the opposite and pointing you away of who you are in Christ.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a boyfriend. I’ve wanted someone to be my “soulmate” and fall in love.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

No one knows you better than God does, so no one knows how to satisfy your heart better than Him. Trusting in Him to bring you that person you’re longing for is apart of having faith in Him! It is a daily decision to follow him. Our joy is never going to come from another human being, but can only be found in Jesus. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. But you can choose to see the good on both sides of the grass- if that makes sense?

Taking this imperfect life one day at a time is how we will get through it. Trust in God, delight in Him, and it will all work out according to His plan:)

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I love y’all!

Lilli D <3

About the Author
Lilli is 16 years old and from Middle Tennessee... and she's Sarah's little sis! She is a worship leader at her local church, and has an active, amazing content-filled Youtube channel you can find here! She loves singing, playing piano and ukulele, playing her super impressive record collection, serving at church, hanging out with her friends and family, and learning more about Jesus. 
You can find her on Instagram at: @lillidillardyt



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