"A lot can change in one season..."

Forget "hot girl summer..." Welcome to CHOSEN GIRL SUMMER! We are firm believers that so much can change in just one season with intentionality, authenticity, reflection, and prayer. Don't consider this concept as something we've made up for "self help" or to be "trendy." Consider this your sisters walking alongside you to the person you want to be on the other side of the summer 2021 season.

I don't know about you, but the mundane gets me every time. Every year, I'll be a t a NYE party looking back on everything I didn't do to be where I wanted to be in that end-of-year moment. Of course, we can talk body image, goals, career, etc etc...but I'm talking spiritually. It's amazing that that's where I have the most regret looking back on time...longing to have the time back that I could have spent with God.


The great thing is GRACE. I promise, sis, there is so much grace for you and I. Its freely given from an unending well of love from the Father. This is not a "striving" concept, rather, an accountability concept.


Join us in our journey to being authentically intentional during this season, and praising God for the mess ups, mix ups, downfalls...wins, celebrations, laughs, and victories that make up our lives this summer season.


Who will you be at the end of Summer? Who do you WANT to be at the end of summer? Who does God want you to be at the end of Summer?

Let's get started!


Chosen Girl Summer is here to bring you joy, fun, and accountability this summer! Enjoy our free Affirmations and Wallpapers below, Blogs launching every other Tuesday here, and more playlists, story studies on our Instagram, and even some fun decals, coming soon!