Hey, sis!

We are so excited to finally announce the launch of our Chosen Girl Ambassador Team!

We are looking for a creative group of ladies who are passionate about spreading positivity, goodness, and the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Chosen Girl message who are active on social media platforms! You do not have to be #influencer to join, but we do require that your platform be active, engaging, and a public account. Right now we are only able to ship to the US and Canada, so we are not accepting ambassadors from individuals outside of those areas (but we are working on it!).

Here’s a few questions you might have that we would love to answer for you!

       Why apply to be an ambassador?

If you love the Chosen Girl message and our merch, why not get the inside scoop on new arrivals and content, as well as receive a discount code for you and your followers? You’ll also be invited to a group message of positive girl-bosses for a bonus uplifting community!

      What all is involved with being an ambassador?

First, fill out the contact form below with all of your info. If you’re accepted, you’ll be emailed with an acceptance welcome email and contract to sign to get you started! From there, you will receive a personalized shopping code and affiliate shopping link for you and your followers! We will also send you a little welcome gift on us. :) As you post and promote Chosen Girl on your page, you can earn commission sales and FREE merch!

      Are there any strings attached?

Absolutely not! :) Once accepted, you can drop out of the program at any time. No stress, girl! We do end any Ambassador partnerships that produce 0 sales for 3 consecutive months. No hate, we are just looking for active Ambassadors!

That's it! Fill out this form below with your info! If you do not hear back from us with confirmation, we apologize that we cannot reply to each and every submission, so feel free to re-apply in 2 months from your application date. We are a small company ran by volunteers, so please be gracious as we can only accept so many ambassadors at a time! :)

Thank you! Your submission was received and we will let you know if you are accepted into the program! YAY!