Tell me bout it: You need to calm down...OFFENSE

Happy Tuesday, Chosen sisters! Welcome back to another week of diving into God's word for Biblical insight on everyday struggles! This week we are going "Taylor Swift" on ourselves with our topic: BEING OFFENDED. Truth is...we all need to "calm down" in one way or another. 

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Why do we get offended? (ask yourself this question!)

  • We are built up on our own pride
  • We have a false expectation of someone else not being met
  • We have a false perception of someone's intent towards us
  • We have a false perception of someone or their words/actions
  • "You're not doing what I think you should."

What does it mean to be offended?

  • to be resentful or annoyed, typically as a result of a perceived insult.

  • Greek word: Skandalon, Meaning: Trapped

How do we deal with being offended?

  • Ask yourself WHY you are offended! Once you know why, you can better handle how to overcome.
  • Check yourself before you wreck yourself! be honest with yourself and see if this offense is because of an insecurity you have, not due to someone else.
  • Deal with it ASAP! This doesn't mean "going off." This means praying and forgiving quickly. It's who we are as a new creation. Its our Kingdom DNA in becoming more like Jesus. (this takes practice)
  • Pray about your actions and for wisdom, and seek counsel from the Holy Spirit about healthy confrontation.

How do we deal with being offended by the actions of a fellow believer?

  • We have to remember that WE ARE HUMAN. We all make mistakes and have sinned.  
  • Shed your pride! Who are we do be offended?
  • Again, self examination. 
  • PRAY for that person and how to handle it. Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom!
  • If you are going to confront it, do it in a timely manner and in a healthy, non-accusatory way. 
  • Don't let your feelings lie to you! Offense is a feeling and feelings will lie. Always seek TRUTH!
  • Don't be passive agressive in your actions and stay in offense.

Why should we NOT want to be offended?

  • "I don't want to be trapped!" -Elizabeth Sanders (lol)
  • Jesus had every reason to be offended, and He wasn't. Its our goal to be more like Him every day. 
  • We cannot be fully in God's will if we are living in offense.
  • To be forgiven, we must forgive.
  • If we have something against someone, it hinders our prayer life. Mark 11:25
  • Staying in offense keeps us trapped and hinders us from moving forward in God's full plan for us. 

If you're trapped, you can't walk!






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