Tell me bout it: S2 Ep. 9 SURVIVING QUARANTINE PT. 1

Hey friends! LIZ IS BACK! Thank you all so much for your prayers for her family during this time with the passing of her sweet dad. We love you all like family! 

Today, we are starting what we hope is a "mini" series (lol)- SURVIVING QUARANTINE, and the start of Holy Week! A lot of things may be canceled during this season, but you cannot take away what we celebrate this week through what Jesus did for us on the cross! 

Y'all- this is all very hard. And thats okay! We are all experiencing something new. Join us as we talk through these fears and new anxieties and how our Faith and Trust in God can increase through all of this. 

Dive into Luke 8 with us as Liz brings us an amazing word for this time: God sows seed. Satan sows weeds. WOW. 

We love you guys and we are here for you! Join us for 30 days of prayer on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and stay tuned for our Easter reading plan this week, as well! 

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