Tell me bout it: S2 Ep. 5 When Disaster Strikes
WELCOME BACK CHOSEN FAMILY! (**Alexa, play song: we are family**) Thank you so much for tuning in with us another week of questions and insight on Tell me bout it! Thank you for subscribing and sharing. It means the WORLD to us! 
We are interrupting our normal podcasts recordings to discuss what do we do when disaster strikes in our lives. As you all know, Nashville and other amazing areas of Middle TN were hit in a major way this past week with devastating and deathly tornadoes. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families and all areas of our great state that was affected. 
You can't help but to question during these times. Why? How? The questions are real...and they don't need to be ignored. If you look throughout the Bible, all of the hall of famers questioned God, too: David, Moses, Jonah, Noah, even Mary!
So what do we do? Where do we find peace, or even an answer to these questions? Dive into the book of Habakkuk (I know, not a nightly read, right?) as we seek wisdom and truth during times of hurt and confusion.
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