Tell me bout it: REST

Hey, Chosen Sisters! :) Welcome back to another week of tell me bout it! Last week we talked stress. This week we are talking about another solution of stress...REST! 

Are you the girl who feels guilty for not getting enough rest, but when you rest you feel guilty for not getting enough done? Girl...this podcast is for YOU!

What is TRUE rest? Are you resting or escaping? Are you refreshing your soul or just ignoring your issues? What does the Bible say about rest? What does culture call rest? Do you even know how to rest? This week we are finding solutions and answers to all of these all too real questions! 


QUICK DISCLAIMER: Rest does not mean saying "NO" to everything. Rest does not mean skipping church regularly. God has assignments for you to do...if we say "yes" to everything, we cannot fully commit ourselves to the "yes'" that God does want us to commit to! 

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  • To first find our love language of rest, we can mirror that by finding what is the origin of our stress.
  • Resting may seem stressful at first! Take some time to settle into your rest!
  • You are WORTH the time that you need to rest and reset

What is rest not...

  • rest is not 
  • rest is not anything where you find an escape to ignore or run from your problem
  • rest is not necessarily defined in "black and white..." we are all different!
  • rest is not spending money
  • rest is not necessarily even going on "vacation!"
  • rest is not skipping church regularly!

What rest is...

  • being around people who refresh your soul and fill you up
  • spending time with God
  • giving yourself an intentional "brain break..." this will take time to train yourself!
  • spending time journaling or reflecting
  • saying yes and no to the right activities and commitments
  • There is a reason for the rest!

Lessons we can learn from Elijah (1 Kings 19): 

  • GOD IS FAITHFUL...He is the only one true God!
  • We can be transparent with God about our need for rest! 
  • God always provides nourishment and rest! 
  • Rest from God SUSTAINS! It fuels our DESTINY and divine plan in HIM!
  • "Do not underestimate the power of a nap and a snack" -Liz
  • God could take Elijah seriously with his plea for rest because they had RELATIONSHIP.


If we don't rest when we need to, what is at stake that God is wanting us to do for His kingdom and plan?

Action Steps: 

1. Evaluate yourself, reflect, and ask God what is the best way to rest for you.

2. Evaluate your stress and find the origin so you can more intentionally handle your rest and stress.

3. Pray about what God is preparing you for and what are the best "yes" and "no" with rest and commitments for you! 





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