Tell me bout it: PURPOSE

Welcome to Episode FOUR on PURPOSE! 

Each Tuesday we will launch a video blog, podcast, study notes, and more on a topic either voted on by YOU (check us out @chosengirlmovement) or something we feel God has placed on our hearts!  

We are here to find biblical insight from God's Word on everyday struggles and concerns, then dive in and spread the insight to YOU!  

For Episode 4, we are covering a HUGE topic of struggle and curiosity for us all...PURPOSE! We find that NO, you don't have to know it all and you definitely do not have to have it "all together!"

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Show notes, scripture references, and journaling questions below! 

Profound Statements:

  • Its all ONE STEP at a time! Just follow the lead of the Holy Spirit!
  • HE knows your whole story so trust Him with it!
  • Its not WHAT you want to be...its WHO you want to be!
  • Your purpose isn't necessarily a thing...its the heart in how you approach things!
  • Your everyday matters because you have no idea what God is going to do in that day!
  • God is faithful in the everyday steps you may not want to take! Its worth it!  
  • God is a God of multiplication! Give your life to HIM and He will return what you give ABUNDANTLY!

Real Life Bible Goodness on Purpose

David being Anointed as king of Israel:

  • 1 Samuel 16:7-13
  • God looks on the HEART!
  • David knows he will be king, but he goes back to being a shepherd. He was a servant before he was a leader!
  • Sometimes God has us positioned in a particular season for PREPARATION!
  • Success and fulfillment happens where preparation meets opportunity.

The Story of Joseph:

  • Genesis 37-47
  • God fulfilled the dream that Joseph had YEARS ago!
  • OBEDIENCE is such a huge factor when it comes to walking in our purpose!
  • Joseph waited and trusted God’s timing and was obedient in the everyday, small steps.
  • Do you trust God, or are your distracted by what's happening around you?
  • God will NOT bless what is not His...when you are serving HIM you will see blessings reaped!

The Body of Christ:

  • 1 Corinthians 12:10
  • Our purpose is to show who God is!
  • Everything that we are is because of Christ...we are a part of His whole body! (His plan!)
  • This gives us significance and purpose!
  • God wants to use us for HIS greater glory and purpose! He has assignment for your life!
  • This gives us no right to compare ourselves or think too much of ourselves...its ALL God’s glory!

Study and Reflection Questions/Challenges:

  1. What steps can you take DAILY to walk in obedience toward God's purpose for you? Journal these!
  2. What gifts and talents do you possess that you think you can use for God TODAY? (hint: the answer IS NOT "nothing!" God has given you amazingly unique talents and personality traits to use as a part of His body!)
  3. What areas do you compare yourself to others? Is there a position you put yourself in that provokes this comparison (example: scrolling, following certain accounts, dwelling on your flaws, etc.)? How can you be proactive in casting down comparison (examples: scrolling less, being grateful, etc.)? 



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