Tell me bout it: OBEDIENCE

WASSUP Chosen fam! Welcome to another week of TELL ME BOUT IT! 

This week we pray your heart is encouraged by this amazing testimony of obedience to God's call on your life. Meet Alexis, a strong sister in Christ who we are so excited to introduce her and her story to our Chosen fam! 

Its amazing what happens when we surrender our plans and follow God's...He is able to do more than we could ever ask or imagine than we could ever do on our own!

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  • God knows you better than you know yourself!
  • Being obedience is our responsibility and God carries us the rest of the way.
  • ask God: "What is today supposed to look like?"

  • If you aren't honest with yourself, you're lying to yourself. 
  • Obedience will remain scary until you take the leap!
  • Genesis 14:22 - INTEGRITY
  • God knows better than we do! We just have to trust and surrender!
  • JUST DO IT...because its worth it! 
  • You will learn more in just one step of obedience than just sitting still.
  • Obedience only results in rewards and blessings!

Study Questions/Challenges:

  1. Is there an area of your life where you feel no sense of direction? Relationships? Career? Write how you feel!
  2. How can you be obedient to God in the day to day during  this season?
  3. Write down a time where God was faithful to you or a friend. Remember this every time you doubt in your season of waiting in obedience! 



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