Tell me bout it: Its okay to not be okay PT. 2

HEY SISTER FRIENDSSS and welcome to Episode 7 on ITS OK TO NOT BE OK...part TWO! 

Today we will be looking into what "recovery mode" as a chosen daughter of Christ looks like! Also, see our take on what life is like "in the waiting," because face it, sometimes waiting seems straight up "not okay!"

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In the waiting...

  • Waiting doesn't mean being stagnate.
  • There's a difference between fighting your battle FOR God and fighting your battle alongside God as your guide and Lord. 
  • If we are CONSUMED with wanting GOD's best, that means His timing, too! It's a package deal! 
  • Do what God has called you to do to the BEST of your ability!
  • COMPARISON is the thief of JOY. Their season is not your season. God's timing with them is not God's timing with you! 
  • Instead of looking at someone else's grass...water your own! 
  • Have you PRAYED about it as much as you have talked about it?
  • Everyone else's path is IRRELEVANT to yours! STOP comparing yourself and giving into that crippling distraction! 
  • God is worth the wait. His plan is perfect and His timing is perfect!
  • God waits on US all of the time. 
  • God is not only with us DURING the wait...but He is also on the other side of the wait! 

The 4 Lepers

  • 2 Kings 6 & 7
  • God loves to use the most unlikely candidates to carry out his will! THANK YOU JESUS!
  • Our circumstances around us have NO reflection or affect on the strength of God's promises! 
  • The lepers ACTED despite of not knowing what God was going to do! Be obedient in the wait and act on what God has called you to do!
  • If our lives are fully surrendered to God, what do we have to loose? The God of the universe holds our future in His hands! 
  • You have no idea what God is doing on your behalf in the waiting! 

Study Questions/Challenges: 

  1. If you are in a season of can you be grateful and keep perspective in the wait?
  2. How can you encourage a friend who is in a season of waiting? 
  3. Are you truly convinced that God's plan is worth waiting on? Challenge: look up bible stories/verses on waiting to increase your FAITH in the wait! (examples: Abraham & Sarah, Noah, Hannah)





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Ashley Lao

Ashley Lao

I wanted to reach out and let you all know that what I blessing it was to receive the encouraging email with “in the season of waiting”. I believe God used you ladies to show me that I have been trying to lead Him in the waiting. And that I realized I was not keeping my faith in Him. He is a good God. And this was what he used to take me to the understanding of His timing. And not mine! Praise God, for He always is working in for the good of His kingdom!

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