Tell me bout it: INFLUENCE

Hey girl hey! Welcome BACK to another week of TELL ME BOUT IT! Y'all know the drill...another week, another topic that we dive into God's word about! 

This week we are SO pumped to talk about an unexpected topic. Our culture is immersed with what we call "influencers." The first thing you probably thing of as an influencer as a blogger, content creator, or someone with all of the "follows" on social media. Fact is, as a follower of Christ, we are ALL influencers. When we wear Jesus on our sleeve (maybe even LITERALLY...see our shop tab LOL), all eyes are on our actions and reactions. 

No pressure at all, right? But seriously, how do we handle this?! I feel like we either: 

1) Ignore the influence altogether, resulting in not necessarily "bad," but, dormant or ignorant influence.

2) We let the pressure of having influence make us not want to influence others for Christ at all.

3) OR we see the opportunity to be a worker for God's greater plan, knowing we always won't get it right, but trusting that even HE can overcome our wrong! PRAISE! 


Lets choose option 3, sisters. 


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1) We will never be perfect. Leadership and influence is NOT perfection. Its about pointing to the Father. Its about going to HIM to be clean, not cleaning up before we go to Him.

2) Being a Leader does not always mean being in a leadership role or authority. We all have our role in the body of Christ. We all have a part to play! All are important, but don't mistake influence for authority or position. 

  •  Bottom line: "Christian" means "little Christ!" We are all influencers and leaders for Jesus, whether you realize it or not! Our job is to show people Jesus and for them to want what we have, then show them that they can have it, too! 
  • No matter what you do...if you glorify God while doing it, it matters! 
  • Jesus didn't design our walk to be just "a part" of our life, He designed it to BE our life...which is how other's can see Christ in us! 
  • God will use you if you just say YES.
  • LOVE IS THE KEY. Love opens doors for the opportunity to share GOD'S love. 
  • Be an influencer right where you are. Good influencers don't always have a "position." Someone in "position" isn't always a good influencer. Its not about position, its about fruit and loving people.
  • Are you an energy PROducer, or REducer? 
  • What kind of message are you sending with your actions? 
  • Just. Show. UP. Just. Say. YES.
  • God has an assignment for you!1 John 3:23
  • Every person on a team has a role. God has placed you where you are with the gifts you have because he has a role for you!
  • You are still breathing, so God is not done with you yet! You are valuable to God! 
  • WHO SAID THAT TO ME? There's NO condemnation from the Father. 

1 John 3:23

The Story of Esther: 

  • Esther was dealt a bad hand, but still was used by God for a greater purpose than herself! 
  • She turned her Circumstance into a STANCE
  • Esther CHOSE to utilize her position and influence. She was obedient to the Lord when it was risky and hard. 
  • Her opportunity was masked as a huge problem. Without Haaman, there would have not been an opportunity for Esther to be bold and give God glory.
  • Esther said YES, and it changed a WHOLE NATION of people. 


Girl,  don't let you past hold you back! God wants to turn your mess into a message! Let Him. Don't let the past win. Overcome by saying YES to the One who can rewrite your beautiful story! Use your experience to lead for His glory! 



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