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This week, to be COMPLETELY honest, has been a whirlwind of emotions and circumstances with family, illness, and so much more that the enemy has tried to throw at us...NOT TODAY SATAN! Let me just tell y'all that our GREAT God who is also our HEALER has showed up and out this week.

My father-in-love was admitted into the hospital  a week ago today with a unknown brain mass. A week later now he has had it REMOVED and is recovering. Even better, they think its benign. PRAISE. Won't He do it!  

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So, what's the deal with our concept of God? What is His reputation to us? When bad news hits, it's so easy to blame God. This stems DIRECTLY from our personal opinion of God, our relationship with Him, and what we think His reputation is to us. 

What is reputation?

  • the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something.
  • a widespread belief that someone or something has a particular habit or characteristic.

The important starting disclaimer here is that reputation is often an OPINION! They are a belief. Though They aren't necessarily a fact, a reputation can be backed up with truth or facts, but let the record show that they also can be opinion.


Another thing about reputation, is sometimes, they're downright unfair. 


When you think of the God of the universe, what comes to mind? A holy gothic photo of Jesus? A huge man on a throne with a long white beard pointing his finger? Come on now, be honest with yourself. What’s your concept of God? What kind of reputation does He hold with you? Do you like what you’re thinking? 


This week, I have been faced with many trials from all sides. You can say that the enemy definitely knows how to press my buttons and get me where I'm weakest. God has been my only hope. But, if I’m honest, I’ve also questioned God so much through this valley. Lots of why’s, how’s, and when’s. The thing is, not exalting myself whatsoever, I’ve finally become somewhat accustomed to spending time with God. I’ve gotten to know Him. We talk! I read His word (not everyday, but give your girl some slack on that!). It was amazing that as soon as some questions to God and for God started forming in my mind, I felt the Holy Spirit helping me with the answers.

I’ve read in His word that He is GOOD. He has GOOD for me. He has a plan. He knows best. His timing is best. He LOVES me. Enough to make a way to spend eternity for me. 


I’ve read that He is our HEALER. I’ve looked closely at the life of Jesus, and he went around healing and doing Good! Performing miracles and being completely honest, nothing to hide. 


I’ve read that He wants to give us WISDOM, peace, and understanding, and that the enemy is literally called the father of CONFUSION. 


SO- Why is it that when sickness comes, we first blame God? Why is it that when a curveball in life is thrown at us, I instantly throw my hands up as to question and criticize our great God? Why is it that I take my frustrations OUT on God instead of taking my frustrations TO God and out on the ENEMY!?!? 


The thing is, I still have questions. There are still so many corrupt and backwards things that are happening on this side of heaven. But, friends, I think I’ve got it all wrong. I think we have gotten things so wrong. I have lived so much of my life treating God unfairly, misunderstood. I have spent so much time looking for clarity of this world instead of clarity from the Word. 


His word clearly says that His ways and thoughts are higher. The word CLEARLY says that in this world we WILL have trouble, but praise the LORD that we can take heart but GOD HAS OVERCOME DEATH FOR US! He has overcome the WHOLE world. On this side of heaven, we will see things through a glass that is dimly lit, but let me tell you. We serve a God that wants GOOD. ONLY GOOD for His children. He’s a GOOD father. A good father doesn't punish his children with deadly disease. A good father doesn't cause confusion amongst his children. A good father sometimes withholds the good so that eventually there is a BEST option for His children. 


We serve a Good father. We need to change how we feel about our God (feelings will screw you up, girl). The enemy would have us so wrapped up in ourselves and our own twisted emotions so that God ends up being the enemy, when really he is the only rescuer


Whether it be from your family, church, society, whatever...we all have a molded view of WHO God is. The thing is, our God loves us so much that He not only gave us his WORD to show who He is, but He LITERALLY sent Himself down in human form so we could have the perfect example and reference of His heart. His huge, unfailing love lived out in action for us. 


I challenge you sisters to read His life in the Gospels and get to know His heart. If you have a hardened concept of God, pray that your heart will be open to a new view. Let His love soften your heart and change you from the inside out that you may know who He really is. Don’t live your life questioning, resenting, or being closed off to the misunderstood God that is in your viewpoint.  




Love and Joy,



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Tonya Everhart

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