Tell me bout it: FEAR

Welcome to Episode FIVE on FEAR! 

Each Tuesday we will launch a video blog, podcast, study notes, and more on a topic either voted on by YOU (check us out @chosengirlmovement) or something we feel God has placed on our hearts!  

We are here to find biblical insight from God's Word on everyday struggles and concerns, then dive in and spread the insight to YOU!  

For Episode 5, we are covering the #1 topic voted on by YOU that we ALL deal with in one way or another: FEAR! 

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Show notes, scripture references, and journaling questions below! 



Fear: 1) an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. 2) a feeling of anxiety concerning the outcome of something or the safety and well-being of someone. 3) the likelihood of something unwelcome happening.

Profound Fear Statements: 

  • It all starts as a feeling or emotion! Its not even physical! 
  • We can’t always control what we do feel, but its how we respond to it that matters! 
  • Fear is not truly effective until acted upon.
  • We’re all just people until we let God work through us! 
  • There is NOTHING unbeknownst to God! He knows your whole story! 
  • If JESUS HIMSELF needs to go away to pray, how much more should we?!?
  • When we invite JESUS into our fears and anxiety...we will come out much more quickly and victoriously!!!
  • When we keep a focus on GOD’s plan it makes our timing less significant because we want and trust HIS timing! 
  • When Peter started to was because his FOCUS shifted AWAY from JESUS!
  • Is God not more powerful than our feeling of fear? Is God not greater than our circumstances? 
  • It takes the SAME ENERGY to have faith than it does to have fear! They are both a belief! 
  • Our PRAISE makes us FEARLESS! What can mere mortals do? He is the same Good God in the mountain as He is in the valley! 
  • JESUS did not die for us so that we would continue living in fear!

Three things to remember in the Storm: 

  1. We are not alone! He will NEVER leave us! 
  2. Jesus will come when we call!
  3. We cannot make it without Him! 

Peter Walking on Water: 

  • In Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
  • Beginning in Matthew 14:25 
  • When we are fearful, we need to seek the Lord! HE will guide our steps!
  • The WIND: So often, it's our circumstances that spark our fear! We can't always control our circumstances, but we can control how we respond.
  • Notice that Peter “started” to sink. He was sinking slowly...which does not happen under the law of Gravity! Jesus had no intention of letting him fail. 
  • All we have to do is CALL ON JESUS! 
  • DOUBT: We so often put expectations on God for when, where, and how we want our breakthrough to happen. TRUST, don't doubt, that His was is best and He will rescue! 
  • Mark’s Account: Even in the storm, Jesus was there! He didn't cause the storm, but he was there for them in the midst of it. 

The Story of Moses: 

  • Exodus 3: God is calling Moses to lead the Isralieite people out of Slavery
  • “God, can you pick someone else??” 
  • For every excuse we have, God has an answer.
  • Moses’ fear was greater than the mission God was giving him at first. God prepared Him along the way and never left His side! You don’t have to be qualified to fulfill God’s will...He will prepare you! Just say YES to the call! 

The SOLUTION for a heart of Fear:

  1. Transform your mind! 
  2. We OVERCOME by Jesus’ blood given for us and by our TESTIMONY! 
  3. Line up your actions with God’s word! 

Study Questions/Challenges:

  1. What circumstances in your life are causing you fear? How can your reactions make all of the difference? 
  2. What is your gut instinct reaction to fear? What thoughts do you have and what do you dwell on? Do these actions help? 
  3. Write a list of what you’re thankful for. What has God done for your life and how has He come through for you in the past? CHALLENGE: tell someone about what God has done for you! 



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