Season 8, Episode 7: CHOSEN GIRL BOOK CLUB #2

Chosen friends and family! Thank you so much for tuning in to our second Chosen Girl Book Club episode where we discuss "The Explicit Gospel" by pastor Matt Chandler!


If you are interested, this book can be purchased on Amazon or Audible, or downloaded for free with a Libby library card app. 


We wanted to note two things with this episode:

1) We had a mic malfunction and the quality is not up to par as usual. We apologize for this and thank you for understanding!

2) This episode was recorded before the Nashville Covenant Presbyterian School shooting that tragically occurred 3/28/23. Our hearts and sickened and broken and tired. We are so sorry for the evil that took place and our prayers are with everyone. Everyone. We do not discuss this in this episode but plan to do so. There are no words that could begin to cover the amount of healing, solution, and empathy that this matter needs.


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