Season 5 Episode 13: Faith Civil War: Navigating discord with fellow believers

Hello, Chosen sisters (and brothers, too,  we see you!)!

We are actually back on a TUESDAY for the first time in awhile. Thank yall for bearing with our scheduling conflicts. Truly #sidehustlingfortheLord. lol

TODAY, we are having a real conversation about how to navigate discord with fellow believers; a "faith civil war," if you will. How we conduct ourselves among quarrels and disagreements is crucial to our faith and witness. 

The comments section on social media, is rampant these days with disagreements and opinion slinging not only with people who are in the Faith and people who don't subscribe to Christianity, but also believers vs. believers. We have forgotten we are on the same team. We have forgotten the true enemy. What if we remembered that the enemy isnt our fellow believers who disagree in opinion with us, and not even "non-belivers," but Satan himself? How would our conversations change?

So, lets talk about it! We are diving into questions like:

  • How do we handle when people in our own faith strongly disagree?
  • What do we do when scripture can be up for interpretation?
  • How can you recognize when you don’t have pure motives?
  • How do you know when to stop, re-visit, or just move on?
  • What do you do when you realize that you have been harsh when discussing opinions or convictions?
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