Season 5 Episode 10, EVERGREEN

Hey, Chosen Girl Fam! :) We are so excited, as usual, to be back with you today for a very special conversation on our upcoming collection, EVERGREEN. You may remember our announcement at the beginning on 2021 that we would be doing a 2 part series this year: Eden + Evergreen: Every desert has an eden oasis. Every forest has evergreens that don't loose their color. In the dry and desolate, or in the cold and dark, there is a constant Savior in every season! This collection celebrates the hope that we have in Jesus in both the hills and the valleys of life!


Today we are talking about our faithful Father in all seasons. If you have been through hard seasons like we have in our own personal ways this past year, this collection, message, and episode is for you. 


Some scriptures we reference include:

  • Genesis 1
  • Psalm 121
  • Romans 10:11-13
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