Season 4 Episode 5 LOVE LIVED OUT Discipleship Pt. 2

ITS TELL ME BOUT IT TUESDAY and we are diving into the main way people know we are a disciple of Christ: LOVE! Join us today for part 3 out of 5 for our first ever discipleship series! 

Last week, we covered the groundwork of discipleship (discipleship 101 if you will), and today we are going deeper into the FRUIT of being a disciple: LOVE.

Jesus himself says this is how people will know we are Christians, by our LOVE. 

So today, we are digging into:

  • How did Jesus love others?
  • How do I love in my everyday?
  • What are parts of myself and life that need to show love?
  • Where does loving others meet healthy boundaries? 

Some verses we dive into for these questions include:

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