Season 4 Episode 3 DISCIPLESHIP with Mac and Kenz!

HEY HEY Chosen sisters! We are SO excited to be back for another Tell Me Bout it Tuesday, and even MORE excited about our very special guests to kick off the first episode of our DISCIPLESHIP series! 

WELCOME for the first time to the pod our new friends Mac and Kenz with Delight Ministries and the For the Girl podcast! These girls=instant friends. We know you will love them as much as we do! 

Our chat with them includes some hot takes on a very overused word in the Church (which is COMPLETELY okay as long as we know what it means and how to apply!) Some questions we cover include: 

  • How is being a Disciple of Christ different from labeling yourself “Christian?”
  • What message do you have for the girl who is lacking spiritual motivation? 
  • How has your life changed as a practicing follower of Christ (a disciple)?

We LOVED these friend's practicality and vulnerability in our chat, and make sure you check them out at and

Where you can find their podcast, merch, and instagram handles!

Thanks for listening, ladies, and a BIG thank you to the Delight gals for joining us with this real talk! We will see you back here next week! 



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