Season 4 Episode 14 MENTAL HEALTH with Bethany Harrison

FRIENDS! Literally crying at the fact that this is the SEASON FINALE of season 4 of the pod! We have been so blessed by this season and so appreciate you loving and supporting the community that is Chosen Girl. We love you so much, and we treasure each episode with you. 


**trigger warning, we do chat briefly about miscarriage.

As for today's episode...ladies, buckle up and hunker down for today's chat with our dear friend, Bethany Harrison. Bethany is a dear friend of mine that I have known since pre-school, but we have recently bonded over the last couple of years through the "magic" of adult life. (lol). Bethany is our enneagram 6, musical-loving queen and the kind of "real" that makes you want to be the truest authentic version of yourself alongside her. She is a mom of 3 adorable boys in our community just east of Nashville, and writes for her blog, Surviving till Sunday. (yes, you will 1000% want to subscribe!).

Today we chat about a lot of things, as we usually do when together, like walmart, mom bods, cicadas, instagram, and more, but when I tell you we did a deep dive into trusting/doubting God, we dove deep, yall. 

Tune in to hear her miraculous story of conception, birth, overcoming sickness, depression, and literal near-death experiences that led her from questioning everything in her faith to what she describes as God being her most "treasured friendship." She can speak this because she lived this. We pray her story and authenticity with wrestling with God touches you as much as it has us. 

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