Season 4 Episode 12 New Testament Advice Column

HEY HEY Chosen Girl tribe! We can't WAIT to dive into the pure wisdom from God's Word in today's episode.

The past three weeks, we have talked all things toxicity: relationships, thoughts, culture, and even religion. As fun as it sometimes is to chat about what gets under our skin most, it does no good to do so if that talk of pointing to what is so wrong without pointing to what is true and right.

Last week, we talked religious toxicity. Good news is, that's nothing new! Even the early church and religious leaders needed advice on how to conduct themselves in faith.

Today we chat about this wise advice from just one of the many New Testament letters to one of the early churches, Ephesians! 

Y'all- we could have let this episode be 3 hours long. There is SO much goodness in the letters of God's Word to His church. 

We hope this episode is as much of a breath of fresh air to you as it was to us. This advice is SO needed, and amazingly rings true even thousands of years later. That is the beauty of God's Word

So, sis, grab a cup of coffee, your favorite translation of the Bible, a notepad and your favorite pen. Let's get to studying, so we can start doing

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