Season 4 Episode 1
HEY FRIENDS!  We are so excited and honored to be BACK for season FOUR of the pod! We cannot believe how time has flown and are so grateful 1) to you for listening and 2) for God and His faithfulness! It's simply amazing and humbling to see how this podcast can reach you right where you are. God puts things on our hearts specifically, and even if its for ONE person to listen, its all worth it! 
Today we are chatting about all things confidence and self-esteem, specifically relating to body image, but we are calling this our "2021 pep talk!" We hope this talk empowers and encourages you as much as it has us. Never forget to look back and celebrate how far you have come, and for sure never neglect to thank God for the amazing creation you are becoming each day. You are growing. You are healing. You are worthy. This is true.  
Here's some scripture we dove into on this episode for you to reference, memorize, and proclaim!

Reflection questions: 

  • What lies have contributed to your self image?
  • Who are these lies from?
  • What are they fueled by?
  • Who's voice is loudest in your life?

ALSO, we referred to this podcast episode quite a bit in this episode. Here's the show notes, too! 

Thank you so much for listening and we would SO love it if you would take the time to rate, subscribe, and share this podcast if it has helped you in any way! We LOVE Y'ALL!



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