Season 3 Episode 13 BOSS LADIES

HEY-O Chosen sisters! Its TUESDAY which means its time for another episode of Tell Me Bout It! We just wrapped up our relationship series and we are SO excited to introduce you to our special guests for the month of October, our dear personal friends, Abigail and Lydia Holcomb! 

Abigail and Lydia are two boss babes on the show today to give us wisdom and insight on what it's like to be a woman in leadership. 

Whether you own a business, want to be an entrepreneur, or are in leadership in any capacity, we hope you gain as much from the podcast as we have. These girls are the epitome of life, joy and fun. We are SURE you will want to be their friend as much as we do! 

Make sure to follow them over at @balletadora!

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