Season 3 Episode 1 Q&A

HEY FAM! We are BACK for season three! Today we thought we'd catch up...with YOU! We have so enjoyed our summer break but are ready to get BACK AT IT with our Chosen Fam! We picked three of your questions you submitted to discuss for today's episode, and always feel free to DM us more! 

Today we are answering:

1) How do you deal with acceptance?

2) How do you deal with forgiveness of past sins?

3) What do you do when friends leave?

We LOVE doing this podcast together and getting multiple perspectives on all of these, and of course, come at them from a Biblical standpoint. If you have any other questions or prayer requests, feel free to DM us on our Instagram or email :) We would be honored to pray for you! 

We will see you back here next week with more hard-hitting topics! 

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