5 Tips for your daily walk with God

HAPPY TUESDAY CHOSEN FAM! Its another great week with another great tell me bout it! This week we are exploring our top 5 ways to better your daily walk with God! 


Please don't mistake us for experts, rather, two growing sisters in Christ who have learned from many mistakes, trial and error and life struggles...and honey, we are still learning. 


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5 tips for your daily walk with God:

DISCLAIMER: You may not see transformation right away! Be patient, God has been patient with you!

1. Make It Attractive

  • Find a translation that you understand!
  • Find a Bible you LOVE! Make it fun! Love to journal or note-take? Get you a cute notebook, girl! No shame! 
  • Have a quiet time designated with God that works for you! Not a morning person? Make your time with God before bed! Don't make it hard on yourself.
  • Having a relationship with God isn't just reading your Bible and praying (even though those are HUGE aspects), but listen to worship, podcasts, or a sermon during the day! 

2. Make it Active

  • Highlighter and pen in hand, girl! 
  • Whats your learning style? Do what works for you so that you truly take in the word! 
  • Write scripture where you will see it! On a notecard, on your mirror...its there for us to help and transform us! 

3. Find a Friend

  • Starting any habit is always better with a friend!
  • We all need ACCOUNTABILITY! You may need that friend to lovingly spur you...you may BE that friend! 

4. Remember the Goal

  • Start with the end in mind!
  • Think of what kind of person you want to be when you enter into your quiet time!
  • You will never know about our great God if you don't spend time with Him and in His word!
  • We can never spread the love of Jesus if we don't have the love of Jesus ourselves!
  • What goals do you have for the KINGDOM? Who do you want to be? 
  • Each day you spend with God is constructing who you are in HIM.
  • If you're not suiting up, you're gonna loose the war!
  • Don't think of the what, think of the why.

5. Supplemental Resources

  • Use what we have to our disposal! 
  • FREE Bible app online (linked here)
  • Worship music (find our free playlists here)
  • Podcasts and sermons on youtube
  • annnnddddd...the new CHOSEN GIRL APP! So many free resources on this app we have made just for you! Devotionals, prayers, q&a, tell me bout it recordings and study notes, and so much more! Download HERE!



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