Forgiveness Part-3

There is a difference between forgiveness and justice! 

  • Why would we wish bad judgment on someone else? That makes us just as bad and in need of forgiveness!
  • It's GOD's job to judge and serve justice, not ours. It's our job to just forgive.

There's a difference in forgiveness and being passive:

  • Don't be foolish; you can forgive yet separate yourself from a situation.
  • Forgiveness is not "soft"
  • Pray about if God is using a forgiving situation to close a door or separate you from a toxic person/situation in your life! 

Forgiveness is a gift for you! Not only is this a gift granted by God as a means of forgiving your sins, it is a way to free the your heart and mind of the things that hold you hostage.  If you need to remove yourself from a situation in order to heal, that is okay. You are not obligated to stay in toxic situations to prove a point. Just remember in those moments, we are called to forgive, even when we don't understand.  It may take time to get to a point of forgiveness. Just think, what would happen if we spent the amount of time we spend talking and festering from bitterness and instead focused on healing and forgiving. Have you ever felt you could not forgive someone because you didn’t want to seem passive or soft in the eyes of those that knew your situation?  

What is stopping you from removing yourself from a bad or toxic situation? 

Why is forgiving yourself so difficult, and what affirmations can you proclaim to make that step easier? 

"Forgiveness is not an occasional act, its a constant attitude." -Martin Luther King Jr. 

"God is SO extra...He doesn't just love, He is love ITSELF." -Sarah Collins (lol)