Daily Walk Part-2

5 tips for your daily walk with God: 4 & 5

 4. Remember the Goal

  • Start with the end in mind!
  • Think of what kind of person you want to be when you enter into your quiet time!
  • You will never know about our great God if you don't spend time with Him and in His word!
  • We can never spread the love of Jesus if we don't have the love of Jesus ourselves!
  • What goals do you have for the KINGDOM? Who do you want to be? 
  • Each day you spend with God is constructing who you are in HIM.
  • If you're not suiting up, you're gonna loose the war!
  • Don't think of the what, think of the why.
5. Supplemental Resources
    • Use what we have to our disposal! 
    • FREE Bible app online (which can be found on our app)
    • Worship music (find our free playlists on Spotify)
    • Podcasts and sermons on YouTube
    • annnnddddd...the new CHOSEN GIRL APP! So many free resources on this app we have made just for you! Devotionals, prayers, q&a, tell me bout it recordings and study notes, and so much more!

    Growing your relationship with Christ will be your most cherished relationship.  Just like we invest in our friends with our time and attention, we serve a God who is worthy of the same.  Remember the goal of your daily walk is to serve and praise a God who made the stars and the air we breathe, and yet still cares for you in an intimate way.  Sometimes life gets messy, but how you spend time with the lord doesn’t have to be. If you’re lacking on time, put on some worship music, listen to a podcast, or call a friend to pray with you.  I urge you to forget the voices that tell you God doesn’t care abou the little things and what you give isn’t as much as some others. This is YOUR relationship with GOD, and through it you are seeking His approval only! 

    Galatians: 1:10


    How can you tear down the barriers that keep you from being your most vulnerable and honest with God? 

    We are a servant to the most high God.  In what ways, large and small, do you serve the Lord on a large basis.  


    How can you better serve him?