Daily Walk Part-1

5 tips for your daily walk with God: 1-3

DISCLAIMER: You may not see transformation right away! Be patient, God has been patient with you!

  1. Make It Attractive
  • Find a translation that you understand!
  • Find a Bible you LOVE! Make it fun! Love to journal or note-take? Get you a cute notebook, girl! No shame! 
  • Have a quiet time designated with God that works for you! Not a morning person? Make your time with God before bed! Don't make it hard on yourself.
  • Having a relationship with God isn't just reading your Bible and praying (even though those are HUGE aspects), but listen to worship, podcasts, or a sermon during the day! 
  1. Make it Active
  • Highlighter and pen in hand, girl! 
  • Whats your learning style? Do what works for you so that you truly take in the word! 
  • Write scripture where you will see it! On a note card, on your mirror...its there for us to help and transform us! 
  1. Find a Friend
  • Starting any habit is always better with a friend!
  • We all need ACCOUNTABILITY! You may need that friend to lovingly spur you...you may BE that friend! 

When you get ready to invest in your daily walk, it may seem intimidating and hard to know where to start.  You may even be afraid of messing up, but remember you serve a God who cares for you and wants you to have a working relationship with Him.   Try your best to remove the obstacles that could prevent you from making a daily habit of spending time in the word. Utilize your best study methods such as writing down verses, high lighting, or downloading a cute wallpaper for your phone.  Lastly, find a friend! We are a body and we all need to flourish. Invite someone in your life to join in on this pursuit of knowing the Word of God on a deeper level. The best way to fight your battles is to know the word of God, so don’t let things get in the way of your suiting up every day.  

What has held you back from fully investing in your relationship with God? 

In what ways can you better prepare yourself to put on the Armor of God every day? 

The Armor of God: Ephesians 6: 10-20 https://www.bible.com/bible/59/EPH.6.10-20.ESV