Sarah's Friday Blogs: an attempt at words

This week has been heavy. Heck, this world is heavy. Its too much.


Lord, we need you. 


Nineteen innocent students. Two teachers. Twenty one innocent souls taken this school. 

One killed and five wounded at Church in southern California last week. 

Ten dead, and many more injured, shopping for groceries a few Saturday mornings ago. 

213 shootings in America in this year alone. We are only on day 147 of this year. 


It has to stop. Its must stop. How many more? How much longer will evil prevail over innocent people during their daily routine? When and where will the "buck" stop?


Lord, we need you. 


I'm seeing a lot of noise on socials this past week, even a lot of loud Christians with presumably what they believe is the right "answer." I get it, I want answers too. I have thoughts, too. No, I'm not here to tell you what my poor attempt to a solution for this extremely multi-faceted problem is. If you're ready to pounce, stand by, friend. Remember: we are all broken humans here, mourning the loss of other brothers, sisters, and children.


Don't loose your ability to live empathetic and loving to humanity in attempt to make your agenda known. 


In reflecting this past week, trying to come up with my own "solutions" to what I personally think would fix this problem, a few horrible epiphanies hit me: 

1. My opinion is simply my opinion. I personally cannot spur systemic, multi-faceted change with my ability alone. 

2. We've become conditioned to this. We are used to this. There is a pattern, and it makes me sick. 

...and these two epiphanies, I decided to focus on what I can do, especially as a believer. I believe we all have a role and purpose on this planet, even teeny tiny mini-assignments in our everyday life. Our wise and loving response matters. Our emotional or justifying reactions...not so much. 

Here's my response list that I'm focusing in on during this time. 

1. Actually pray. Pray for our leaders. Pray for evil in this world. Pray for change. Not just type "our thoughts and prayers are with..." yet again, but actually stand in with other believers, and pray. 

2. Think and act empathetically. What is most important to you in this situation? How would you think and feel as if, God forbid, loosing a mother, child, sister or friend to gun violence? Would this change your heart on how you feel about the matter? 

3. Pray and seek wisdom on what actions you can actually take. Sharing your stance on gun control in your instagram stories does not count, but you know what does? Emailing your state representatives and senators. Email them kindly out of concern, not wildly out of complaint. Thank them for their work and consideration, let them know you are praying for them, then, actually pray for them. These men and women are the one's voting in real change for our states and country. 

**P.S. I beg of you, please dont be passive aggressive and then tag on a "I'm praying for you..." This is partly why some people may cringe at us. 

4. How can you help the victims' families? Seek out organizations you believe in and go-fund-me accounts where you feel led to give. 


Honestly, this is all I got. But hey, isn't this course of action better than arguing in the comments? How many social media exchanges have led to someone completely changing their political DNA anyway? (lol, sorry, ya girl gets passionate about this one). Don't get so lost in the frenzy that you loose sight of what actually is happening. Honor these lost lives with wise response, not more noise that gets us nowhere, except angrier. 


Lord, we need you. 



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