Sarah's Friday Blog: Judgement + Authenticity
One thing that is completely ironic to me in the Christian community is the relationship between judgement and authenticity. Judging others has, heartbreakingly, become something that evangelicals are know for. At the same time, many evangelicals are searching for something real, or in another word, authentic. A lot of us are tired with the “fluff” of religion. Jesus felt the same way, which is why His life still breaks glass ceilings of people’s hearts today, even 2000 years after His time on earth. We find authentic and vulnerable intriguing: a breath of fresh air, and a quality that gives us permission to be our truest selves, too. Couldn’t this be part of what the Word intends by us “confessing our sins one to another?”

What makes this all even more ironic is the cancelation of the two when both are present: The reason we aren’t authentically vulnerable is commonly due to fear of judgement. Judgment has the toxic power to decrease the presence of vulnerable authenticity. Likewise, when we aren’t tuning in to the most vulnerable and real parts of us that, in turn, prevents us from staying humble, and judgment of others can easily grow from our own hearts.

Easily put, the fear and presence of judgment causes us to stay, well, fake. Realness presses us into something much deeper than the surface and urges others to see the heart.

There is great power in how you treat people, and also in how you treat yourself with being the most authentic version of you. We have never had the right to judge, yet Jesus urges us to live our lives in its realest form as aligned with the Word.

Think of what the judgment in your heart has the toxic potential of accomplishing. What if your judgment of others is keeping them from being their truest self?



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