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Hi Friend,

Annie Moss here! I am a fellow Chosen girl and a good friend of the amazing, fun, and fierce founder, Sarah Collins! I am a wife, mama to our miracle baby, founder of The Vintage Sparrow, and most importantly a Jesus lover!  


I am so eager to share a bit of my story with you about what it takes to wait well on a miracle. I can’t say I’ve done it perfectly, but, I’ve done my best to cling to Jesus through the hard moments and live from a place of grace when my faith seemed to waiver. Waiting isn’t easy, friend. But, during the seven year wait of our miracle baby I learned how to stand on the promises of God, when hope seemed fleeting. I want to share our story in hopes to encourage you that you can truly live a full and joy filled life, while you’re in “the middle” of the wait.


Over the years of growing our business and spreading our hope filled message, the longing and desire to also grow our own family became a deep desire of our hearts. My husband and I always knew we were called to parent and when it didn’t seem to happen over the course of a year, we knew something was up. We took some time to pray and gain direction and both felt peace about a visit to a fertility clinic. Little did I know the journey that would begin that day. With an amazing doctor, (thank you Jesus for anointed doctors!), we were advised that I needed surgery to help clear up some internal issues they were finding. After the surgery, we were advised to consider IVF. If you know anything about IVF, there’s usually one thing that first comes to mind when you hear it…MOO-LAH! It’s a lot of money y’all! But, my husband and I felt the Lord leading us down this path of IVF. By no means, did we have an extra 50K laying around somewhere, but, we felt God say move forward, so we did!


Over the course of a seven year journey, we waited, we believed, we cried, we even doubted, but we never felt God turn his back on us. SO MANY PROMISES had been spoken to our hearts about children and countless words were given to us from people who did not even know us about becoming parents seem to always come when we needed them most.


Here’s a few things I learned in the waiting:

  • God’s not afraid of your questions or even doubts.
  • Crying is healing. Let it out, girl. Tears are healing!
  • Find an outlet you are passionate about in the waiting and pursue it!
  • People want to partner with you in the process. You weren’t made to do hard things alone.
  • And lastly, it’s ok to not be ok. Don’t feel like you have to put a smile on. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is actually be open and be honest about where you really are!


I am delighted to share with you on March 22, 2021, after seven years of waiting, praying, and hoping, we welcomed the most precious miracle baby into our lives. Come to find out, God wasn’t concerned at all about what the journey would cost us, he knew he already had it covered, and in the process, we learned of the faithfulness of God in a whole new way.


Countless times in the process of waiting, God would send a word, a sign, a dream and more to remind us that we were destined to parent our sweet boy, Solomon Elijah Moss.


If you are in the process of a wait, I want to encourage you that God has not forgotten you. He is keenly aware of your needs and also your deepest desires. Don’t you dare give up, friend. You may or may not be waiting on a baby. Maybe you’re waiting on a husband, a new job, a friend, or a dream to flourish. I am here to remind you that he knows and he sees the desires of your heart. I can’t promise the wait will always be easy, but, I can promise that God is a good Father who honors and fulfills his word over your life. Get the word of the Lord over your life and hang onto it with all you’ve got. I promise, it will be worth the wait.


Love, prayers, and believing with you for the promises of God to be fulfilled over your life!


About the Author: Annie Moss 

I’m Annie Moss. I am the founder of The Vintage Sparrow. I am an entrepreneur by calling and an encourager at heart.
I am passionate about many things but I come alive when I see women walking confidently in their unique identity and fulfilling their God-given destiny.
For many years, I lived a life where I would only share parts of me. I think somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought, if people really new what a mess I was, no one would want to really love me. And, girl, I learned a few years back that I had been agreeing with a complete lie. God began to take me on a journey of learning my identity in him and the rest is history.
Here are a few things I learned along the journey of discovering my true identity in Christ:
1. People actually appreciate you being a "hot mess express" much more than they do hiding behind a mask of “perfection."
2. Hiding isn’t holy. I learned that we are made to shine. Each of us carry a facet of the Father that only you can represent to the world. And, friend, we can’t share who he is if we’re always in hide out!
3. Gifts were made to be shared and invested, not buried and left to die. I have known all of my life that I was called to share a message with the world. But, for years, it petrified me, because remember, I thought hiding was holy. But, I have come to a place that my gift is to be given to the world! Whether that’s speaking on a stage, praying with a lady at one of our shows, or writing a book that will make its way into the hearts of women who desperately need hope, my gift is to be shared with the world. And, yours is too!
Be inspired, friend! Your best days are ahead
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